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If a university wants to create an applied research doctoral program from scratch, how can you assist with program development?
I can assist with the entire program including the degree completion plan, course development, program development, resources needed, and a policy handbook. Essentially, I can assist from commencement to culmination.

For applied doctoral research, which courses are typically created to teach candidates how to conduct research?
Courses are custom designed to meet the needs of each university. The basic courses for applied research include a methods course for data collection and analysis, a methods course for writing a review of the current scholarly literature, a prospectus course, and multiple dissertation/thesis/capstone courses to support either guided or independent research.

Which resources are used for teaching the applied research process?
Typically, there are two textbooks required for this program. Both were written specifically to guide candidates through the doctoral process in a step-by-step manner. The two books are:

Claxton, B. L. & Michael, K. Y., (2021). A Step-by-Step Guide to Conducting Applied Research in Education. Kendall Hunt. Print book ISBN 9781792456640, eBook ISBN 9781792456657

Claxton, B. L. & Dolan, C. L., (2022). A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing a Literature Review. Kendall Hunt. ISBN print book: 9781792466069; ISBN eBook: 9781792466065

Are the textbooks only used in a doctoral program, or could they be used at the master’s level?
The textbooks may be used for either a doctoral program or a master’s thesis. The way to customize the use of the textbook is through a handbook with policies that govern the process. For example, a doctoral handbook may require the literature review to be 100 pages, whereas the master’s handbook may require 25 pages.

Do you offer and group chats?
Yes. There are two Facebook groups.One for critical thinking for educators and one for doctoral candidates. Learn More

How can I get a copy of the textbooks?
Yes. Copies may be obtained from the publisher, Kendall Hunt. Go to Kendal Hunt.

I love the step-by-step process, are there other books available written in a step-by-step manner?
Yes. There is a communications research book scheduled to be released in the fall of 2022 and a qualitative research book in the works for some time following the communications book.