Consultant Opportunities

• Consulting work that I offer

As an educational consultant, I seek to make a meaningful difference in education. As a guiding force in improving educational outcomes and practices, I seek to shape the academic lives of students across the country and around the world by empowering doctoral and master’s candidates to solve real problems and improve practices in educational settings while earning a degree. Applied research is practical. Educators know of problems in education and applied research offers them the opportunity to solve these problems using site specific data and a review of the current scholarly literature. My focus is working closely with universities to develop an applied research program.

  • Complete applied research program development
  • Develop applied research courses (methods, prospectus, proposal)
  • Devise strategies to improve educational quality and help implement new policies and governing procedures
  • Design new training programs and offer professional development workshops
  • Recommend educational materials
  • Supervise online education
  • Examine how students learn on a holistic level and recommend improvements in policies and programs.
  • Examine a specific problem and design a custom solution.
  • Possible full or part time employment